Wedding with a hot air balloon in Tuscany

Looking for something different for your wedding?  Do you want to experience something really extraordinary?  For anyone who has dreamed of a ceremony in the clouds, the Montecatini Palace & Spa is ready to astonish you by organizing your wedding in a hot air balloon.

Thanks to our collaboration with a Tuscan specialist company, we can make it possible for you to experience a ceremony that is literally above the clouds, offering you something that is really unique and completely unforgettable.  The Montecatini Palace & Spa can organize your exchange of vows at a thousand metres up in a real hot air balloon wrapped in the clouds with splendid views of the beautiful countryside of the Val di Nievole. 

Once you come back down to earth, your guests will be waiting to greet you in the luxurious interior and exterior spaces of the Montecatini Palace which, due to its extraordinarily charming location, is the perfect place for a reception or a celebration in a classy atmosphere with first class service. 

The Montecatini Palace & Spa is able to assist you with every aspect of your wedding from the ceremony to the cake, from the flower arrangements to the photographer, the musical entertainment and, of course, the honeymoon.

Come and celebrate your special day with us.  Choose something extraordinary which only the Montecatini Palace & Spa knows how to arrange for you.



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